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Snarl provides significant flexibility and customisation around how notifications are presented. With this flexibility however comes a responsibility on the part of the developer to ensure all notifications an application creates are of benefit to the user. This means avoiding situations where:

This document provides guidance on how applications should best present notifications to the user. It deals with two key parts: the notification content itself, and the contextualisation of the notification. These are only recommendations however; it is down to you as the developer to decide what is the right approach.

Inside the Notification

Title and Text


Outside the Notification

Dynamically Modifying Notifications


Do Not Disturb (DND) mode can be enabled manually by the user or Snarl can be set to automatically enable it if the foreground application appears to be running in full-screen mode. In addition to this global on/off switch, the user can also define which notification classes should be treated as priority notifications so, in reality, all your application can do is recommend which notification classes should be treated as priority; the user has the final say in the matter.